The Way Free VPN Works

Sometimes it’s not enough to just have a high-speed Internet connection in order to text people, watch movies or visit your favorite websites. Now, when hacking and security breach threatens every user, no one can feel safe or protected going online. Free VPN service – can it really make you feel safe when going online? Perhaps you won’t be able to take advantage of all the features you can find paying for the service; nevertheless, you will get access to blocked websites and protect your private data. Free VPN works on the same principle as paid one; users are able to change their IP address and encrypt data traffic.

May The Service Help You?

Each time you go online your data goes over your ISP. It’s no secret the provider is able to track your online activity: ISP can see what files you’re downloading, which websites you visit, what you’re searching for, etc. It may not be a problem for most users; however, it’s worth keeping in mind all the ISPs have to keep users’ data including online activity. There is also a possibility to get hacked. It will be really easy for scams to track your activity and steal your private data; this may lead to hacking your e-wallet and stealing your money.

Is it worth using a free VPN? Knowing your IP, it is possible to find out all your personal info including the country and city you live in. Hackers can attack your device getting your real IP address. ISP will easily find out whether you download torrents if you live in a country which the government forbids downloading them. In case of the  rights holder will get your data, you will:

  • have to pay money penalty;
  • get an intellectual property infringement notification;
  • or will be charged with a criminal offense.

No one will be able to find out your real IP address in case your download VPN since it’ll be replaced with VPN server address.

Safeguard Yourself Online

VPN connection always consists of the tunnel which is created in the unprotected network. The connection is always established between two computers called peers each of which is responsible for encrypting data before it reaches the tunnel.

Downloading VPN, your data transfers between your PC and the service encrypted. In essence, VPN includes VPN client, VPN servers and VPN protocols which make it possible for you to feel safe online. The process is as follows:

  • VPN client connects to the server encrypting your data;
  • the tunnel is created connecting to a particular server;
  • VPN server encrypts data from different web servers sending it back to your device through ISP;
  • your IP address changes;
  • the traffic is decrypted by VPN client.

This is the way free VPN works. There is nothing to be afraid of; the service will make you feel safer online in a few minutes.