Features you need at an affordable cost

Powerful, easy to use technology for course operators and customers alike.

A tee sheet you can master in 5 minutes

We focus on reservations which means you get the easiest TeeSheet in the world to use. We know technology can scare some people, we promise your staff will learn the system in 5 minutes!

Access your tee sheet from anywhere

No complicated software to install or worrying about damaging your paper tee sheet. Access your tee sheet from any computer with an internet connection anywhere in the world. Log in from the comfort of your home to view utilization, add notes and more.

Simple reports

Still using a paper tee sheet? Can you tell me you how many rounds you had yesterday, last week or last month? How many number 9 or 18 rounds? How many players walked or took a cart? TeeLeader makes it easy to quickly run reports helping you plan ahead and run your course more efficiently.

Seamless tee sheet & booking engine

Our booking engine requires no setup and is ready to use the instant you sign up. Want to embed the booking engine on your website? No problem! We'll help you setup a facebook page and add the booking engine directly on facebook! Plus we have an optimized version for mobile phones which requires no additional setup, we detect the device and provide the optimum booking experience.

Limitless reservations

Use TeeLeaders tee sheet as much as your want, allowing as many reservations as you need. There are no limits and no tiers. The tee sheet is always 100% free.

Download the information sheet now!

        TeeLeader is an easy electronic tee sheet that took me 10 minutes to learn. TeeLeader can help your course keep track of rounds, online tee times, increase revenue, marketing, and help build your database. The great thing is its FREE!!!! If your golf course doesn't provide online tee times WHY NOT???? I recommend giving TeeLeader a chance to help your golf course increase your bottom line.

George Shkreli, Owner Briar Ridge Golf Course, Montrose, MI